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Publisher's Note

Having run IES2400, a tutoring center that specializes purely in SAT prep for the last twelve years, I became aware of a glaring gap in the test prep materials industry: a marked discrepancy between what students want and what is published for them by way of practice materials. There are plenty of books that offer SAT prep guidance ranging from fancy, glossy prints by large corporations to the flippant, casual student-made manuals. Most of the aforementioned materials are 80% guidance with just 20% practice. But there is nothing for the advanced student who is looking for good quality practice in large amounts. Most advanced students have already figured out, either on their own or from a good tutor, how to approach the SAT. Such students typically only make a few errors per section and want to focus primarily on these sections.  These students know that the only way to a perfect score is through repeated practice until those errors are gone. What they are looking for is a prodigious amount of quality, specialized practice material. 

The industry has become incredibly competitive. The pressure on advanced students is greater than ever to get a perfect score on the SAT. Those advanced students, who have come for training at IES2400, tell us that they will buy any book that is published for the sake of quantity: typically, they have a library of 15-20 books, and their appetite for such books is insatiable and voracious. Thus, in the test prep sub segment of the publishing industry, demand far outstrips supply, in a perverse way. 

But meeting this demand is not an easy task. The SAT is a very difficult test to mimic. It is fraught with nuance, ambiguity, subtlety, and pitfalls. In order to write material that will adequately prepare a student for this test, I have found that it is necessary to break the SAT down into its building blocks. To do this, I put together a top notch team of teachers, writers, and editors, all of whom have extensive experience in the SAT classroom. Their sole task is to come up with writing guidelines and editing protocols for SAT test questions and sections according to their expertise. And this is who we are at ILEX. 

We determined that advanced students find Reading Comprehension the most difficult section to master. It is where their last mistakes are made even after months of practice. So our first project is a compilation of forty Reading Comprehension passages complete with questions and answer explanations. Each passage was carefully crafted according to our guidelines. We ring each passage through the same rigorous machine: after a first round of edits, a passage is sent through a rigorous course of student trials, supervised by the editor, who then returns his comments back to the writing team. After the updates are made, a second round of student trials is conducted to search for any lingering ambiguities. Once the passage passes this step, it is then formatted and submitted for a round table review by IES2400 SAT instructors who put it through a final round of edits before it is sent for printing.

To rectify the dearth of specialized material, our first project focuses on long Reading Comprehension.  This book is the first in a series SAT prep books for the student who is hungry for extra material.  The ILEX plan is to release a new specialized book every 3 months, ultimately leading to a collection of all the subjects that cover the full spectrum of the SAT.  Our goal is to make sure that every book we print will contain a 100% practice material.  New collections will commence every 2 years or so.