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SAT Reading Comprehension Workbook.

The new SAT Reading Comprehension Workbook by IES is the newest breakthrough in SAT preparation. Using tested and proven methods by the students at IES, this workbook has improved student's scores drastically.

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SAT and Test Preparation

ILEX is a consortium of writers, editors, teachers and SAT prep coaches who have all put their heads together to reverse engineer the SAT. At ILEX Publications, we strive to create material that will meet the standards of our discerning audience.

Working in tandem with Integrated Educational Services, a test prep school that tailors its courses to the most advanced students, we noticed a marked gap in test prep material that would satisfy our elite student body. Based on the popularity of the work we have already published for use in our classes, we thought, why stop at just our students?

With a staff of writers, editors, and educators, and with a wealth of research and development about the SAT behind us, our material stands tall above the rest.

Looking to improve your score for the SAT? Checkout our partners at IES!

IES2400 is a multi-purpose tutoring center specializing in SAT prep. Our main focus is on SAT test technique development through in-class training and workshop practice sessions. We use a combination of official College Board publications and proprietary course materials developed in-house by an experienced teaching faculty.

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